Silverlight training

James Crowley at Developer Fusion has arranged a free 1hr SilverLight training course which you can obtain from the link below. You need to register first and there’s a choice of C# or VB.Net.

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Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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3 Responses to Silverlight training

  1. Unknown says:

    Mmm. Very confusing. You login and it lets you download what appears to be training. However when you go to install it it appears to be an installation package for some developer components that will be added to Visual Studio. No mention of SilverLight or of any training. I chose not to install it because I really don\’t need yet more add-ins clutering up my Visual Studio. 

    • Clarinda says:

      Hallo Felix, die Ausweitung in weitere Städte ist natürlich geplant. Konkrete Pläne für Hamburg gibt es zur Zeit jedoch nicht.Viele GrÃ,ŸÃe¼Dein DriveNow Team

  2. Brian says:

    Hi there,
    That\’s correct – the InnerWorkings Developer Interface does install an add-in to Visual Studio (fully tested and approved by Microsoft\’s Visual Studio team, by the way). This allows you to complete the coding challenges directly in the IDE so that you\’re not jumping from our client application and VS all the time. You can also test your code solutions and get instant feedback from our code checking engine in VS. However, if you\’re maxed out on Add-Ins you can simply remove it from your VS setup with a few simple steps and just keep the InnerWorkings client completely separate from your VS install. Either way, I\’d encourage you to check it out – I\’ll bet you\’ve never quite learned to write code in a practice-based environment like this before. The Silverlight sampler that James posted contains 2 coding challenges (tasks), each running 30 minutes, covering the creation of simple Silverlight controls and using MediaElement and VideoBrush – 100% free and fully functional.
    Brian Finnerty

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