Community Events in Reading and Beyond

Here are some details of upcoming developer events:

On Tuesday 4th December, there is an MSDN event on SQL 2008 at Thames Valley Park, Reading. You can register here on the Microsoft site.

The next VBUG event that I am organising has been tentatively set for Wednesday 15th January 2008. The topic is SharePoint and more details will follow soon on the VBUG website.

Following on from last weeks community day, the MSDN team are organising some events at various Starbuck cafes around the country. Details have not been confirmed but there may be a talk in Oxford on 13th December, 5pm. I suspect that more details will follow on the MSDN website.

At DDD6 last Saturday, Colin announced the details of Scottish DD. It will take place at Glasgow Caledonian University on Saturday 10th May 2008 and the call for speakers is now open. SQLBits2 was also announced for Saturday 1st March 2008 and takes place in Birmingham. The benefit of this is a larger capacity, holding up to 450 attendees.

On Saturday 3rd May 2008, Mick Lohan is holding a DDD style event in Galway, Ireland. Mick’s been telling me all about this for the past 2 months so keep an eye on This event could be great excuse for visiting Irland and attending a great event!

On March 19th, the Visual Studio 2008 consumer launch event will take place in Birmingham. Beforehand, there’ll be press launch event and Partner launch events in London. The theme of the event is "Heroes happen here" and more details can be found on the Microsoft site.

Finally, I caught up with Chris Dalby from the LiveMeeting user group last week. It was great to finally meet him and he is organising a ‘mashup’ party in London on the 17th December. More details can be found on his blog.


About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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