VBUG Event at Bracknell with Andrew Hallmark

Yesterday evening, Andrew Hallmark gave a great session on CSLA.Net and code generation. The title of the talk was named ‘How to spend more time at the pub and other places’
The slides for the session can be found here:
CSLA is a business object framework created by Rockford Lhotka. During the first part of the session, Andrew described the main functionality offered by CLSA. CSLA provides CRUD functionality but also offers cancelled edits across parent/child objects (also known as n-level undo). Validation and business rules are associated with business objects making it very easy to add and create multiple UI’s.
A big advantage of CSLA is that it provides a good framework for good practices. In the example given by Andrew, his company supports around 120 applications. Since everything is based upon the same underlying CSLA architecture, this standardisation provides excellent maintainability. 
By combining code generation and CSLA, a highly productive development environment can be achieved. The highlight of the presentation was a demonstration of how a music database application could be developed using codesmith and CSLA in less than 10 minutes!
An interesting development pointed out by Andrew is CSLA factory – a CSLA based tool that allows you to graphically draw a model and to have the code created for you.
The overall feedback for this event was excellent and I’m sure that all attendees are grateful for learning some great techniques for being more productive.

About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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