VBUG Online meeting with Andrew Hallmark

After a bit of break with the VBUG LiveMeetings, I’m pleased to have been involved in organising an online yesterday evening with Andrew Hallmark.

Andrew’s presentation was a shortened version of the CSLA talk that he gave at my Bracknell meeting. 

This is the first meeting that we’ve carried out using Office LiveMeeting 2007 and it’s worked out very well. Myself and Andrew conducted a test meeting the evening before which went very smoothly. Compared to the previous version of LiveMeeting, a big advantage in this new version is the ability to broadcast audio from a presenter’s PC rather than having to use the phone.

Thanks once again to Andrew for giving up his time and hopefully, we’ll be organising more online meetings over the next few months. Thanks also to John Nunn (our Birmingham co-ordinator) for supporting this event and kindly agreeing to assist with future events.

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Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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