Day 1 at TechEd Barcelona 2008

Yesterday, I attended the first day of the Microsoft TechEd 2008 which is once again held at Barcelona.
The conference began with a keynote speech from Microsoft’s Jason Zander which was focused around new features in Visual Studio 2010. I was lucky to get a front row seat to the keynote which began with a demo of VS2010. To the amusement of the crowd, the software crashed at the very start of the keynote which I guess is understandable for a piece of pre-alpha software!
The items demonstrated during the keynote included the use of WPF in the Visual Studio IDE. This enables a richer start page, graphical comments in code and the ability to zoom in and out of code without losing fidelity. In the IDE, there is also the ability to generate an architectural diagram that gives a graphical display of dependencies and also the ability to generate sequence diagrams.
In terms of debugging, there will be the option for developers to replay and debug sessions that have been carried out by a tester. The system will also generate WMV movies in order to record any errors that may have occurred.
In terms of enhancements to ASP.Net, several components will now be incorporated into the core of ASP.Net including jQuery, the MVC framework and some items in the control toolkit. An item demonstrated was code snippets. As an example, you can type ‘table<tab>’ and the IDE will  generate the HTML markup of a table. Also demonstrated is an enhancement in VB.Net making it possible to write code spanning separate lines without requiring line continuation characters.
The final demonstration featured the Pong game in C++. This demonstrated the use of a ‘parallel for’ loop which made it possible to maximise CPU utilisation by using all CPU cores. There was also a demonstration of some the new events that are used to provide support on the touch sensitive ‘surface’ devices.
Prior to the keynote, Piere Liautaud (VP of Western Europe) gave a talk about Microsoft in Europe and gave some examples of where Microsoft technology is used.
Some of the links mentioned include:
1. Crytek – The Crisis game that they produce takes full advantage of WCF
2. Tobii – They produce disability software that allows users to control software using their eyes
3. Microsoft Bizspark – A Microsoft initiative providing support for business startups.
Finally, a special mention goes out to Developer Express, producers of the .Net productivity tool CodeRush. Oli Sturm kindly provided me with a ticket for this event and I had an enjoyable time in the evening helping out at the DevExpres stand.

About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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