Meeting in Bracknell – LINQ to XML everything but the kitchen SINQ

During the VBUG meeting in Bracknell yesterday evening, Colin MacKay gave a great talk on LINQ to XML. Colin is actively involved in organising Scottish DDD and the next one takes place on the 2nd May 2009.

The first part of the session contained a demo of constructing XML using the System.Xml.Linq.XElement object and the various methods associated with this class. This object allows you to add an event handler to the ‘changed’ event that fires whenever the value of an xml element is modified. An interesting part of this is that setting the value on an XElement object removes and adds the new value rather than just setting the new value. As a result, any child elements will be removed. Also of interest is the ability to be able to add and retrieve annotations to the XML. These annotations can be any object. During the second part, Colin gave a comprehensive demonstration of querying the data using LINQ including calculations and aggregations.

During the evening, David Parker also mentioned the System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer class containing methods to convert text to speech. There was also some discussion about speech recognition and the latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking. At the end of the evening, we raffled away a copy of Nevron Chart for .NET.

Thanks once again to Colin for presenting and putting on a great show!

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