Community Leaders Day

On Friday, I attended a ‘Community Leaders Day’ at Microsoft and here are some random notes from the day.

Here are some upcoming events in 2009:

Microsoft UK Challenge – 10-14 June 2009

Microsoft Mix 2009 – 18-19 March 2009

DDD Scotland – 2nd May 2009

During the morning, Nathan Winters did a session on user group collaboration highlighting the need for developer groups to provide developer assistance for IT pro groups.

Afterwards, Colin Mackay did a session on managing events with EventBrite and here some links that came about during discussions:

Also mentioned was the popularity of office sharing through ‘co-working’ in Brighton and possibilities of finding venues in the evenings through such schemes. In terms of funding, the possibility of Government Regeneration Schemes was mentioned. Registering a ‘Limited Company by Guarantee’ and the advantages of ‘charity’ status was also discussed.  

Afterwards, Andrew Fryer delivered a session on PDC highlights that included cloud computing, Office 14 and illustrations of successful projects including the RNLI project for monitoring man-over-board scenarios and Bluehoo.

Finally, Graham Watson spoke about Microsoft Usergroup Services and the organisational structure including Ineta and Culminus.


About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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