Notes on DDD7

On Saturday, I attended the DDD7 developer conference in Reading where Andy Westgarth and myself helped out with room monitoring.

The first session that I went to was Phil Pursgrove’s (VBUG coordinator for Cambridge) session on ASP.Net scalability. One of the interesting topics covered was caching in ASP.NET using the SqlCacheDependency class. Another item mentioned was JSMin, a tool that reduces the size of JavaScript files by removing comments and whitespace.

The second session that I went to was Toby Henderson’s talk on developing .Net applications using Linux and Mono. Since directory separators are different in Linux, an excellent tip given was to use the .Net Path.Combine and Path.DirectorySeparatorChar methods/fields to build file paths. Also mentioned was IKVM.Net which allows you to call Java classes from .Net code.

In order to identify issues when porting .Net code to Mono, the MoMA tool can be used.

A tool recommended by a member of the audience was Wubi. This allows you to duel boot into Linux without having to create a partition.

The final session that I went to was Helen Emerson’s talk on the web which featured an excellent overview of the new features in HTML5 and CSS3.0. An interesting feature is the addition of forms in HTML 5. The HTML inputs element can have types specified such as datetime. This will then display a datetime picker automatically in a supported browser. A canvas element is also introduced that allows you to draw shapes and here are some examples.

Also very interesting was a demonstration of locating yourself on a Google map using geo-location features. The ajaxian blog site is also recommended by Helen.

Overall, the DDD committee did a great job of organising this event and I look forward to the next one in 2009. There will be a DDD South West in Exeter during quarter 2 of 2009 and the next SQLBits will be held in Manchester on 28th March 2009.

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