Bracknell MVC Event with Gav Osborn

Earlier this week, Gavin Osborn from The Edge usergroup gave a session the on MVC framework at our Bracknell user group. Gavin and I were in the same team together in the Microsoft Challenger Event so it was good  to see him again.

During the evening, Gavin gave a great demo on creating an MVC website from scratch. The demo included details on populating a form with data from a database and posting the data back whilst in an edit mode. Towards the end, there was even time for a quick demo on TDD.

Gav’s presentation was very simple to follow, particularly for those with minimal exposure to the MVC framework. A good productivity feature that I found interesting was ‘Model binding’.  This automatically converts the form values that have been submitted into forms into objects.

To summarise, the types of projects most suitable for MVC are:

  • Sites where you need to have strict control over the markup. For example if you need to create ‘Accessible’ websites, MVC is ideal.
  • Sites where Search Engine Optimisation is important since the URL’s generated are more human readable.
  • MVC is an easier platform to develop under for teams that use test driven design methodologies.

A good resource on MVC is Phil Haack’s blog, the Microsoft MVC program manager.

Thanks once again to Gavin and we hope to have him back sometime in 2010!

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Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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