Hyper V and C# talk in Bracknell

Last week at our Bracknell meeting, we were very fortunate to have a couple of speakers.

Our first speaker was Mark Rendle who did a talk on functional features in C#. The evening was chance for him to practice his session prior to DDD SouthWest and we all wish him the best of luck in June!

An interesting part of his session was a demonstration on how to create an exception handling class.

Imagine a typical try/catch scenario where some file operation will be performed. There may be several exception types (for example FileNotFoundException, DriveNotFoundException, DirectoryNotFoundException) which should be handled in the same way. Mark demonstrated how you could simplify this exception handling model by creating a class in which you could specify all the different exception types that you want to catch.

For those going to DDD Southwest (http://www.dddsouthwest.com), I would highly recommend seeing Mark’s talk.

During the second part of the evening, Liam Westley did a session on Hyper-V for developers. This was a great session and it may be the last time that he delivers this talk after having presented it at various user groups throughout the country. However, here’s a recording from DDD which you can watch.


Here’s a link to a "Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions" from the Microsoft site.


Thanks to both speakers for speaking at the meeting!

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Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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