SCRUM with Simon Reindl

Earlier this month, Simon Reindl gave a presentation on using SCRUM at our Bracknell meeting.

His presentation was an excellent overview and here are some very brief notes on some of the main elements of SCRUM:

  • Product Owner – Owns the product backlog (a list of everything that needs to be done)
  • SCRUM Master – Manages the team, removes impediments, is a facilitator and coach
  • Sprint Backlog – A list of tasks that need to be completed in an iteration
  • Sprint – 2-4 week iteration of work. Starts and ends with planning and review meetings
  • Daily Scrum meeting – 15min stand up meeting each day

Simon will be running a course at Microsoft Thames Valley Park from the 13th to 17th September which will include some practical exercises on using SCRUM.

Thanks Simon and thanks also to Redgate and for his demonstration on Ant’s Performance Profiler.

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Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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