LightSwitch – Right To Left Language Support

Can LightSwitch handle ‘right to left’ languages? As a test, I switched my computer settings to Arabic to see what happens. Fortunately, most parts of the application is localisable without too much difficulty including labels, title bars and the navigation pane.


Fig1 – Example Arabic Screen

To recreate the above, you will need to download a language pack. On Windows 7, this can be done through Windows update. Next, the culture must be set in the properties of the application.


Fig2 – Culture Settings

After changing languages, I found that the SQL Server Express service had to be restarted and the contents of the following folder had to be cleared in order for SQL Server Express to work properly.

C:\Users\tim\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Data\SQLEXPRESS

True multi-cultural support is still missing in LightSwitch but there is a Connect issue that you can vote for here:


About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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4 Responses to LightSwitch – Right To Left Language Support

  1. Wael says:

    Thanks a lot. its good you have tried RTL.

  2. John Marsing says:

    I’m writing LightSwitch bible application to compliment my website and I need to be able to have one part to be in Hebrew (RTL) and the other part in English (LTR) so your solution wouldn’t work for me.

    I probably can do this though with a custom Telerik control

    Here is an example…

    • Kevin.ncBc says:

      Hi John:
      Did you ever make progress on getting LightSwitch to display a mix of primarily English and some Hebrew on the same page? If not, what did you find to be the best solution.

  3. Mahdi says:

    IF anybody find the solution for right to left solution please let me know !
    still looking for how to implement App with Persian Language in lightswitch ?

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