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LightSwitch – Add non existent records using AutoCompleteBox

Overview of Article The LightSwitch AutoCompleteBox allows you select records using a dropdown list or to enter some text into the control. Typing into the AutoCompleteBox filters down the selectable records. If a non existent record entered, it’s likely that … Continue reading

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LightSwitch – In What Order do Screen Events Fire?

Overview of Article There are various screen events available in LightSwitch. At the moment, there isn’t very much documentation specifying the order in which these events fire. The following post documents my findings in relation to the ordering of events. … Continue reading

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LightSwitch – Displaying Web Pages / HTML on a Screen

Overview of Article Continuing with our earlier post on adding custom controls from the System.Windows.Controls namespace, the following article describes how to add a WebBrowser control onto a LightSwitch Screen. This will allow us to display HTML or load web … Continue reading

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LightSwitch – Creating a Masked Password TextBox Part 2

Overview of Article Here’s an update to my previous post on creating a masked textbox. The previous sample used the LostFocus event to save the password data into the entity. After a prompt from Yann Duran, the code has now … Continue reading

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LightSwitch – Creating a Masked Password TextBox Control

Overview of Article The following article explains a method for entering passwords using masked textboxes in LightSwitch. Data The data used in this example will be very basic. We’ll simply create a Customer table with ‘Customer Name’ and ‘Password’ fields. … Continue reading

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LightSwitch – Formatting Decimal Values

Stephen Weatherford posted a sample custom control for formatting decimal values on the following thread. An interesting part of his suggestion was adding the custom control into the LightSwitch ‘Client Project’ rather than creating a Silverlight Custom Control project.  A … Continue reading

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LightSwitch – Fill AutoCompleteBox with Database values

Overview of Article LightSwitch automatically creates dropdown boxes if relationships are correctly set up between tables. It steers you towards creating correct data relationships which is a good thing. However, there are exceptional circumstances when relationships have not or can … Continue reading

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