Clearing Browser History now clears Flash Cookies in Version 10.3

After attending a security presentation this week, one thing I learnt is that clearing your internet browser history will now clear Flash cookies if you have the latest version of Flash installed. This was also reported through the IE blog last week.

In previous versions of Flash, the only way of clearing cookies was to use the Adobe ‘Settings Manager’ via the following web site.

The security risk this posed was that even after deleting your browser history, someone using your PC could partially trace your browsing history and the videos that you’ve viewed using Flash cookies or the ‘Settings Manager’ shown above. Websites were also using Flash cookies to restore ‘regular HTTP cookies’ which may have been intentionally deleted by the user.

This update appears to have been long overdue and is a very positive change in terms of improving browser privacy.


About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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