Behaviour Driven Design with Ian Cooper

During this months user group meeting in Reading, Ian Cooper presented a session on Behaviour Driven Design.

Much was covered during the event but some of the main points whichI took away were:

  • Reducing rework is one of the key principles of BDD
  • This is achieved by fully testing and involving the customer during each iteration
  • Analysis of typical applications reveal that 45% of features are never used. 7% of features are regularly used. There is much inefficiency is software as a large percentage of features are never used.
  • ‘5 Whys’ – recursively asking why something is required 5 times can often reveal the real purpose of a requirement
  • The ‘Purpose Alignment Model’ can be used to work out features which add the most business value. This comprises of a chart with ‘Market Differentiation’ on the y-axis and ‘Mission Criticality’ on the x-axis. By using this to understand the purpose of a project, we stand a much greater chance of achieving the objectives.

Various tools such as Fit, Cucumber and Nbehave, Nunit, Mspec were also discussed.

I found Ian’s presentation very useful and so did many in the audience judging by some of the questions. Thanks for presenting Ian!


About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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