LightSwitch – Extension Development Kit

Earlier this week, Yann Duran mentioned the Extensibility Toolkit which was featured in Beth Massi’s recent video.

For those who haven’t watched this, the following post contains some screenshots from the video illustrating how this works. (I would still recommend watching the video however. The toolkit section appears at 55min).

The toolkit goes a long way to simplifying the creation of extensions. The current method of creating extensions using the “Cookbook” is fairly time consuming. In particular, the errors that could be encountered when renaming everything from “BlankExtension” can be very painful.



With the Extension Library installed, opening Visual Studio and selecting “New Project” shows the following Extension templates.



Creating a new project based upon the above template creates a solution with the following projects.



The above projects correspond to the projects in a regular LightSwitch project (for example Client, Common, Server, etc) You will notice 2 additional project which are the “Vsix” and “Lspkg” projects. The output from the Vsix project will be used to install the completed extension into Visual Studio.

LSPKG stands for “LightSwitch Packaging Project”. Right clicking on this and choosing “New Item” brings up the following screen.


From here, templates relating to the 6 LightSwitch Extensibility points are available.

  • Business Types
  • Custom Controls
  • Data Source
  • Screen Template
  • Shell
  • Theme

Selecting the “Theme” option will create a theme which includes all the display elements. You can simply modify the fonts and colours to suit your style.



Although this toolkit has not yet been released, it should hopefully simplify the creation of extensions to a very large degree.


About dotnettim

Tim Leung is a Microsoft .Net / SQL Server developer based in England.
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4 Responses to LightSwitch – Extension Development Kit

  1. Andrew says:

    Is there an Approx. ETA on when this will be released?

  2. dotnettim says:

    I’m not sure as to what the ETA is but many of us are hoping that it will be soon!

  3. Thanks for the screenshots Tim! As soon as I saw Beth demo that toolkit, I was already on the web searching for it 🙂
    The toolkit should open up many more opportunities… like this…

    (sorry about the shameless marketting 🙂


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