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SQL Server – Run Scheduled Scripts without SQL Agent

Here’s a really useful article on how to schedule backups and to run SQL scripts without using SQL Agent. This is particularly relevant for SQL Server Express installations where agent isn’t available. The pertinent part of this is using … Continue reading

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SQL Server full text indexing using Adobe PDF iFilter 9, SQL Server 2008 R2 64bit

The full text indexing service in SQL Server allows PDF files to be indexed and allows you to perform full text searches against the contents of PDF files stored in binary fields. The prerequisite for making this work is the … Continue reading

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Cannot generate SSPI Context error from SQL Server Management Studio

This is an error that I’ve seen on various occasions when connecting to SQL Server using integrated security. I recently came across this problem when attempting to connect to SQL Server 2005 from Management Studio. Connections to the server had … Continue reading

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Reinstalling system databases in SQL Server using setup.exe

Having worked with SQL Server for several years, it’s surprising that I’ve never encountered this particular problem before (a corruption of one of the SQL Server system databases). I recently came across an instance of SQL Server 2005 that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Reporting Services talk at SQL Server User Group

At the SQL Sever user group in Reading this week, I gave a presentation on Reporting Services. I met a great bunch of attendees and there were some very interesting questions raised at the session. The first one was a … Continue reading

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Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 eBook

Here’s a link to a free SQL Server 2008 R2 book from the Microsoft website.

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How to use Database Compression in SQL 2008

One of the new features in SQL Server 2008 is the ability to compress the data in your database. I’ve recently been investigating this feature and here are some of my notes on the topic. There are 2 different types … Continue reading

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